• An Iconic Top 30: The Best Local Horror TV Hosts

    Local market horror TV hosts have helped us through the nights for decades, using their quirky personalities to introduce popular, creepy, or plain old bad movies - in most instances, these were the pre-cable days that lent themselves to captive audiences.
  • Top 5: Clarksville's All-Time Athletes

    There have been long lines of exceptionally talented athletes passing through the Clarksville area. Who was the best?
  • Finding the Best with Local Clarksville

    “Collaborations are popping up everywhere, and it is wonderful to see. The best of our local businesses understand we can all rise together."
  • Coach Esau Lathon: Hall of Fame Memories

    Lathon had a profound impact on me, not to mention a countless number of other young men in Montgomery County. - Bob Rush
  • The Story Behind Cash's Version of "Hurt"

    In true Cash style, his version applies an entirely unique translation based simply on the voice singing those same lyrics. It has become Johnny's song.
  • Clarksville's Bright Soccer Future

    Considering previously published budget data, it's reasonable to assume the Govs will have a hockey presence in one form or another at the new F&M Bank Arena.
  • Our National Reputation Grows

    There's so much to love about living in the South and the warm climate, unique architecture, and world-class hospitality are a few reasons American's are choosing to call southern states home. 
  • What to Expect at F&M Bank Arena

    The F&M Bank Arena has experienced several changes along its path to approval. Is all the worrying really justified?
  • Clarksville's 1st Hip Neighborhood is Inevitable

    What is missed by naysayers is a misunderstanding of "why" people search for trendier areas as they look to blend their roots with modern lifestyles.